Technical documentation page navbar left alignment issue

Hi! I’m brand new to coding, my page is not done css or content wise but I’m trying to get all the technical requirements checked off before i make it pretty.
I know tons of people have posted about this and I’ve read through many of those posts, in search of answers but I’m still having trouble figuring out why I cant pass the requirement of #navbar being aligned to the left side of the page. I’ve tried many iterations of this code but this is where I’m at now. Btw I used vsCode to write this and then copied it into codepen, the code works when I open the file in chrome, it looks different in codepen. Any assistance is super appreciated!! My consistent error reads: “Left of bounding rectangle is not correct.: expected 8 to be at most -1073.5”

Hi @mknowlton09 !

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The issue is the your style tag in your css.
You need to delete that because it is an html tag that does not belong in your css.

Once you fix that then it will pass


Hey bro i just deleted tag and your side bar worked. you should use style tag if you will write some css code in html page. If you write css code in additional page, you shouldn’t use it. Good luck !

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