Technical Documentation Page - Need Feedback

Hi, I’ve just completed the Technical Documentation Page and I’m looking for feedback and advice to improve it in one way or another. :smile:

Also right now there seems to be some problems with the codepen site’s header when viewing with a small view port so I put the hamburger down a little bit just in case.

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Text is cut off on smaller screens:


Overall it is very nice and responsive


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Thank you I saw that, but I think codepen has some problems with smaller screens right now? Is it not?

Because I’ve tried opening some other people’s Projects and this cut off problem also did happen everytime :confused:

In Editor view the it’s normal on small screens it seems.

Edited: Nevermind, it was fixed it seems

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nice design, I think sections just need to be distinguished from each other, by changing the background color or
changing the the color of the line that separates them and maybe the height of it,

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Thanks for the advice, I’ve just increased the space outside the horizontal break, now it seems much better :+1: There’s a few things I’m thinking to improve but I think I’ll take a look into this after I complete the other Project :smile:

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Looking very very good.
Hardly this project done by a beginner.

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Thank you, but I’m actually a beginner :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I know a few things about Javascript and stuff, but I never actually tried to make a website before FCC.

Hi guys, i rebuild and completed the Technical Documentation Page. Please give me some feedback: