Technical Documentation page using css and html

Give it a feedback please.

Good job! here are few thing that stood out to me.

  1. The border color above Introduction is thinner than the ones below.
  2. Codes in your code blocks are not indented properly.
  3. Your section headers feel too large, try shrinking them a bit.
  4. When your page is viewed mobile, your background doesn’t contrast well with text color, making texts difficult to read. Try changing either font color or background color.

Good luck :+1:

It’s pretty nice!
I’ve got some ideas on it

  • I don’t know whether you’re using explicit borders or colors just for testing purpose. You may improve color design later. Try to remove borders in the doc navigation pane. The hover color in black in not necessary. The background / text color of the main content should better be consistent and be contrastive across different screen-size views.
  • I like your large section headers, but it looks too bulky. Try to use a lighter font-weight or a softer color. Also, increase the margin between sections to improve the distinctions between them.
  • The indentation of content can also be improved, especially the <p> and <li> items are not aligned well.
  • Code is important in docs. Noted you’re solely using HTML and CSS, perhaps you don’t want a third-party component. The code should better have a consistent indentation, like how normal CSS editor will auto-indent the stylesheet.

Have a good day!

Thank you
I get some ideas for your feedback.

Thank you for your feedback,
I try to improve my coding skills

Good job but as I’ve mentioned in your other projects, you need to keep the script so that you can see if you meet the user requirements. In this project you are only passing two of the sixteen user stories.
My thinking is that if you’re working towards getting a cert from FCC you’ll need to pass all of the user stories.
Run the CSS validator, you have a block where you’re doing the same thing twice.

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I’ve got your point what you say, thank you

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