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Hi guys,
I almost finished my first course here (Responsive Web Design Certification). I finished 4 out of 5 projects and wonder why on my project, Technical Documentation Page, (on codepen, ancageorgescu, technical documentation page) the content is not displayed correctly. If you see, the text in “going under” the vertical menu.

Please advise.
Thank you in advance,

Can you add a link to your codepen?

Doesn’t have to be a exact url if it doesn’t let you share link.

Yes, they doesn’t let me yet. I am new here :slight_smile:
The link is ancageorgescu, pen and oVZpXb

It’s because you are giving your navbar width of 200px. But your #main-doc content doesn’t care. So basically giving a

margin-left: 200px to your content will shift itself to the right 200px so everything will be visible.

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Yesss, thank you very much.