Technical Documentation Page

I just completed the technical documentation page project .
I would appreciate some feedback. Here is the link-----

Thanks in advance.

In case this helps, you can run the codepen analyzer to your files to discover mistakes like this one:

           <header>CSS Box Model</header>
            <p>For CSS, every HTML element has a box around it. The CSS box model refers to how the margin, border, padding, and content work together to create design and layout or how items align with other items of a web page.

(You have a missing closing tag for the paragraph)

For the css, I noticed the following line has a spelling mistake (border not boreder)

box-sizing: boreder-box;

You may also want to use codepen’s “format css” tool as it will fix any indentations issues (your css is quite neat but if you use the format tool you will see where it makes corrections).

Final comment is that the code sections included on the page are shown in an indented way, so I would fix that so they also can be more readable.

Other than these minor things, page looks very good and I was reviewing on a cellphone so I appreciate that you made it accessible also. Great work!

Thank you very much @hbar1st for this feedback.
I appreciate the time you spent on this review. I will surely effect the corrections.
Thank you once more.

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