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Hi, I’ve built my Technical Documentation page as part of the Responsive Web Design Project.
All the tests are passing, but the text is looking rather strange and the words are all on top of each other? Any ideas what it is I’ve done wrong? Thank you!!

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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

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Welcome to the forums @gemmawhitfield.

You have elements closing out of order and that’s what’s giving you the issue.
Run your HTML code through the W3C validator.

For instance, when you open <main> and then <section> you need to close <section> first and then close <main>.
There are multiple place throughout your document were elements are closed out of order.

In codepen, you can set up the editor so it flags issues for you.

  1. Go into your profile
  2. Select the ‘edit profile’ button
  3. From ‘Settings’ choose ‘Editor preferences’
  4. From the Dark Themes column choose ‘Oceanic Dark’
    When there’s an error in the code it will be flagged with a red block.

Hi Roma,

Thanks so much for your quick response - that’s really helpful!!

Looks good @gemmawhitfield.

One question though. Why did you make the navbar background black on smaller screens? Black text on a black background means one black area that is a bad UX.