Technical Documentation - users stories

I’m having a little trouble with the user storie #14, in the Technical Documentation project.

Here is my code:

Could you help me? :slight_smile:

It’s passing all tests now, so you must have figured it out?

@italochiaradia2004, user story #14 says “On regular sized devices (laptops, desktops), the element with id="navbar" should be shown on the left side of the screen and should always be visible to the user.”

You’ve met that requirement. What trouble are you having?

It’s showing that I’ve only completed 15 user stories.

When you run the tests your page has to be full screen on a laptop or desktop for that test to pass. That’s what that user story is saying.
If the test is failing click on the red button to see which story is failing. Read the text. It says what the test is looking for and gives help on how to fix it.
If it’s failing for you is this the text shown?
Please run this test in a larger window (before any media queries) : expected 777 to be above 850

Thanks, man.
My screen wasn’t at its normal size. :expressionless: