Test 8 problem for Scatter Plot Project

Hi, please I need help on the scatter plot project, I keep failing test 8 and I’m stumped on what to do again… here is my codepen link https://codepen.io/agbanusi/pen/abvYmMR?editors=0010
Please, any help would be appreciated


I show you passing all tests! :smile:

Really? Over here it just keeps failing it! :cry: and my OCD won’t let me move onto the next until I pass all cases.

Have you got any browser extensions enabled that might be interfering with the tests?

I don’t think so, and I haven’t had this kind of persistent problem before with previous projects

If you click the red tests button it will show you the test you are failing and the error it is throwing.

Yes, test 8… y values don’t match with y locations… and I’ve been trying to debug it, I guess it may be because of the time parsing and formatting for the values on the y-axis

Wow, after hours of debugging finally got it, turns out it i had to convert the data-yvalue to ISOString. Thank you @nhcarrigan

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