Testing (`chai` `suite`) #TDD #BDD

I ran through a number of examples and tutorials over the Internet for strengthen this skill of finding relevant info in documentation, notes, and so on (it’s quite helpful during challenges – gives another perspective outside of step-by-step tutorial, and you can find marvelous fCC tutorials and articles on the topics, btw).

I was really surprised that there is not much info or examples for suite() function of chai. Could you share your opinion why? Is it outdated/deprecated, is the industrial way to organize tests with some different approaches, or am I just having bad luck with search? How do you organize your tests, what percent of time do you put in them, is the review process of test suites same as for your code?

found #testing in fCC news/tutorials
looks interesting even there hard to find anything about chai
PS why there is no way to filter pages that have both tags, btw?

It’s really a mocha thing, and pretty much everything is here. It’s just mocha’s TDD way of grouping tests, much like the BDD function describe(). Chai is the assertion library.

Organization is really just preference.

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That’s lot to learn, and put in perspective of CI. Thanks! Interesting.

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