Tests not running properly

Getting errors in the Intro to CSS. Both the first and second tests are giving me incorrect feed back.


I have installed all available updates in chrome and on my laptop. I didn’t have any errors while working in the HTML basics tutorial before this.

I would greatly appreciate any advice.


Please don’t paste images. Use the “Ask for help” button it gives us your code and link to the challenge so we can try it out.

Your code works for me. I would suggest first resetting the code and trying again - to make sure you didn’t accidentally change something else. Then I’d try logging out and trying again, then I’d try resetting the browser cache, then maybe try it in a different browser like FF. There is a known problem that every now and then the browser just seems to “glitch” and something that should pass, doesn’t. But that’s how we fix it.

Awesome, thank you for the help!