Text-align Question.... Don't laugh! (resolved)

I know that I must be doing something wrong, but for the life of me I cannot seem to figure it out.
I have text that will not fully align right. I have tried playing with margins, padding, text-align… I have a feeling that maybe it has something to do with the parent area… Am I right? Please help…
The text I am trying to align right is, “Giovanni’s Relative Design.”
I guess when I am stuck, I should just move on to another part and come back to it later, instead of banging my head… but this was really bugging me.

Hello there,

I think the main issue with this is your body being set to position: fixed;. I would definitely remove that, and work from there.

Hope this helps

Thank you for that suggestion! I took the text out of my nav and dev, so I can play with it alone. Despite doing this, do you think the list I have to the left is effecting this text?