Thanks FCC - Helped me get Full time developer job after 30

I did FCC frontend certification, some 3-4 years back. Never got time to thanks them as i was too busy with my Web developer job. Came to the site again after a long time and a lot changed. Will start doing new curriculum again, to sharpen my skills and do some good side projects.
Long story short, i am in the Indian IT Service sector for the past 14 years. But for the first 6 years was stuck in support roles. Then i did an automation project at work in Unix shell script and got hitched into development. After that i was not able to live without coding and started coding 2-3 hours a day, after work . Started as a self learned developer in 2010, but didn’t have a path. So, kept bouncing between JS, PHP, Swift for 2-3 years. Did a lot of Windows Apps(JS), freelancing(Wordpress), Wordpress themes(PHP),IOS apps(Swift) but was going in circles. Was doing this all after job and was trying to get a full time developer job at work.
Then one day got through FCC site and finally decided to leave everything an be a Frontend developer. Completed FCC frontend certification and got the confidence to say no to the Support job i was doing for 10 years. Learned ReactJS, MongoDB also during that time and finally applied to a Web Developer job within my company. I got the job as there were hardly any React resource in the company. As usual with large MNCs all resources were of Java.
Thanks to FCC, now i code full time and am a mid-level full stack developer at 36. It’s never to late to restart your life and get into the field in which you want to be.


That is an amazing strory! I am impressed by your courage and inspired!

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