Got my first job as Front-End developer!

Guys! I started with FCC in January 2020. Before I was working as an architect (construction), but i decided for career switch. I am already 35 an despite all of the COVID situation in 2020 I got the job as React Front End Developer. :smile: I am working in an beautiful office that is placed in my home town, but with a team that is currently placed all over my country (Slovenia, Europe). It is really exciting. I am soo happy! Thank you FCC, you are amazing!

So, just let me say, YOU CAN DO IT TO! Just keep going! :+1:


Wow, that was fast, congradulations.


Hey @osoki!
Welcome to the FCC forum.

You got the job in 1 year.
Good luck and congratulation.

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Hi, thank you for congratulations!

For those asking in PM: I did first 3 certifications on FCC + some tutorials on their youtube website (e.g. (just front-end parts))
I found these tutorials very useful, since they show you many things.

I also applied for my fist job very early. I was not successful in the first try, but I learned a lot in the process. (task that i was given was not easy at all). When I was turned down I didn’t stop! I knew exactly why I was not successful, and so I tried to improve! And I did!

… so here comes the second time… this time i did not applied for a job, but i rather applied for internship (which was also payed btw) … I’ve got a task that was a bit easier this time. I did it quite well… and got my internship! :partying_face: … And then I was the oldest intern that company ever got. :smile: … and after 3 months of internship i was offered a real job. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And that’s it.

So here i am! Happy front end developer! :smile:


And to be honest, I did have so exp. with html and css before January. I also did the programming for everybody on Coursera in 2019 (it is now a part of FCC too!) … But the real deal came with FCC in January, as I left my previous job, and went full time learning. (6-8hr a day) … and it payed of!


Congratulations @osoki!!!

Success in your journey!

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Congratulations! Good luck in your new job!

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@osoki That is really awesome! Congrats! Thanks for sharing! Good Luck at your new job you will do great! :smile:

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Congrats @osoki Osoki! You made it!
Have you had to continue your learning in your job or have the 3 FCC certs been enough to get up to speed at your company?
Also, I would love to see your portfolio that you made.

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I’m really happy for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I am constantly learning… But for now I moved away from FCC courses for a bit, since I need to upgrade specific Front-End knowledge (in my company developer are strictly FE or BE). So yes, I have 3 FCC certs… But at the end it is knowledge that really counts - not certs!

…And about portfolio … I made an single page PDF with facts: that I am trying to da a career change. I did also make GitHub account, but I uploaded only challenges from FCC. And I am not really sure if anyone really looked at it. Instead they gave me challenge to check my knowledge. It consisted of one PDF with wireframe how app should look like. A web page with API endpoints. And a token to access api. Task demanded use of docker (had do google about it and how to use it) and git. … so apparently my solution was quite OK, and they gave me a try as Intern. :smiley:

… And during my intern it was quite clear that they are looking for potential, willingness to learn and good personality. ‘‘tech stuff is the easiest thing to learn’’ said my mentor many times. I was judged by more by attitude than current knowledge… And there was some kind of click between us (me and the whole team). And so they offered me a job.

… So, now I am really happy: I have a job. I have great teammates. We work on interesting project. Our work culture is family friendly (max. 8hr per day of work) So thats it. I try to do my best every day and hope that future will really be that bright as it seems right now. :smile:


Congratulations… great going

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Congratulations and All the Best.

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Congrats. Realy happy for you mate.
I just have started few weeks ago and just have finished first project (Tribute Page)… Yes i know i have a lot to do but we will do it guys.

Take care

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@_sambuka Welcome to the FreeCodeCamp Forums! :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations my dear! That’s encouraging to newbie like me, just began my learning journey. I’m looking forward to become a great coder soon. Thanks Osoki.

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it’s really inspiring.
I also started in January 2020, but I still don’t have a job, nor do I have the confidence to be able to create a project on my own.
Can you tell me some of the little ones that led to finding a job and learning to react html css and js.
Thanks and congratulations

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Hey osoki,

Thanks for sharing your experience after getting your first job. It’s really encouraging for the rest of us working towards this goal!

Much love!

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Thank you. That’s why I posted in fist place. To encourage people like you. Just keep going. You can do it!

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Great! I know that getting inspired is sometimes just what people need. I know that there were many occasions that left me in doubts. I taught that I will not make it. That it is too hard… But you know what. Everything just needs time. And after a while everything connects.

If you are have problems with going forward maybe you can focus on something else for few days:

-Maybe try joining free Coursera course: Learning how to learn.

I joined it and it gave me a lot of confidence. It give you many tips and explanations why you are sometimes stuck. And that with right approach to learning (and working) YOU WILL SUCCEED! … As the course say many times: ‘‘Lady Luck Favours The One Who Tries!’’ … And another brilliant one: ‘‘Either way: wether you think you will succeed or not. You are right.’’ .

That is why it is so important to believe in your self and give your best every day! (But remember: Giving your best doesn’t mean you have to be focused and working all day. Resting is also important aspect of work.)

So i would suggest you to make a plan (or review your plan). And give your best. Do not be afraid of failing. Give your self a goal and just do stuff! It will not be easy. It will not be fast. But it will be rewarding. And, I am sure, you will eventually make it!