Thanks to FCC, I landed a prestigious SDE internship at GoDaddy!

FreeCodeCamp is a wonderful place to learn programming. For the past two years, I have been erratically working on the Front End projects and algorithmic challenges on FCC and I built all of the Front end projects in an aggregate time of one month(spread over 2 years) and linked the projects on my resume.
As I pursued my Master’s degree in CS, I sent out this resume to recruiters from various companies (to whom I connected through various sources, networking is highly recommended!) and the hiring managers at GoDaddy, upon looking up my work on CodePen, became really interested in interviewing me for an open SDE internship position. They were really impressed with a clone of the Front end calculator app I had made.

As I went through the interview rounds, I found it really helpful to practice through the algorithmic challenges on Front End certification section instead of the conventional LeetCode and Hackerrank. The reason was that I was already accustomed to the pattern of problems on Hackerrank/LeetCode and the problems here exposed me to a new modes of thinking.

I passed all the rounds of the interviews and have started interning in GoDaddy, Iowa campus this Summer. It’s been really exciting so far and I could not thank Quincy and the whole team of FCC more.

On the whole, I would recommend building a resume based on Gayle Laakmann McDowell’s resume template(available online, it’s really famous) and placing a link to your work, no matter how incomplete it seems, in your resume. Employers are impressed by your initiative and it never hurts to inform people that you have prior programming experience!

Thank you Quincy and team FCC!



Do you have a link to your calculator app?

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Sounds awesome ! Congrats and I wish you more success in the future.

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It’s not tested rigorously, so please excuse me for any bugs!

Congratulations on landing this internship! It sounds like all the time you put into refining your calculator app paid off!

Also, I’m thrilled that you found freeCodeCamp’s algorithms helpful for preparing for the interview. We just launched a big interview prep section on and I’d like to hear your thoughts on it. (And since you just drilled on a lot of algorithm problems, if you want to help refine those algorithm / data structures challenges, we’d welcome your code contributions, too!)

Also, Gayle Laakmaan McDowell’s books are great. I didn’t realize she had a resume template, too. Would you be interested in writing about it and sharing the resume you ultimately used when you applied?


Thank you Quincy!

Yes, the time spent on the calculator app was super helpful!

Yes, I’d be glad to write about and sharing my experience. Do you want me to write another post over here on this forum?

inspiring brother, congratulation and keep up the good work ahead :grinning:

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Thank you very much!

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