The Basic Principles of Web Design: Introduction

Sounds like a great idea. I think the importance of typography is often underestimated when it comes to create websites. Thereby a sensitive and appropriate choice of fonts, font-size, and typeface design can make a huge difference.

Thank you for going the extra mile. I’m looking forward to your tutorials, and I’m sure they will be awesome.

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This is a brilliant idea especially for someone like me who is working towards both web design and development :slight_smile: I do feel the design part is overlooked when creating websites sometimes so I think this would be really helpful! Thank you for going the extra mile to do this!! Your writing style and helpful guidance are always so clear so I’m looking forward to seeing these design topics from you :slight_smile:

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I believe that coding is a form of art, where the logic and syntax are much like a pencil or paintbrush. The developer (artist) is expressing him/herself through the code. :thinking:

For example, everyone’s code is idiosyncratic; meaning it is unique to each individual. The way they use indentation, comments, and organize their projects.

In fact, based on the MANY things you have taught me in your John Steinbeck Project and forum post, I developed my own CSS methodology. I believe how to develop your own methodology, by covering key concepts on BEM, Atomic CSS, SMACSS, and OOCSS could be a great addition to the curriculum.

Thanks to you, I am proud of my code! :smile: I am looking forward to sharing my own tribute page, which is influenced by yours.

For us to become amazing front-end web developers, I consider learning web design, an essential principle to understand. I fully support you on your journey to spread your extensive knowledge with the community. :grin:

If FCC needs more proof that the people want web design to be expanded upon by YOU, just know a multitude of us are here to support you in the future endeavors. :upside_down_face: I have personally witnessed change and inspiration caused by your work and excited to see what happens next!


Hey @lasjorg!

You are absolutely correct that is a curriculum for it :slight_smile:

However, I feel there is either gap in some areas - for example, there could be a lesson on branding or to discuss specific topics such as layout and how to get elements to work with each other.

But, I am unaware that the curriculum is open source so I will definitely check these out! Thank you for that! :blush:

FCC ditched Medium for a reason: they started paywalling content without the content creators’ permission. Blog anywhere, as long as it’s not Medium.

Thank you very much I appreciated this :slight_smile:

You are absolutely right on the spot. This is actually one key thing I have noticed there are not enough in-depth information or resources (especially for non-designers ) on the fundamentals of typography.

This also applies the same to composition, layout, and white spacing too.

Thank you, I appreciated this a lot, as I go through every topic that I will write, if you have any suggestions or tips, feel free to comment as it would be great :blush:

I totally agree with you! I may be wrong but I think in the working environment, the developers may pick up a thing or two when they are given the work designed by the web designers. However, it is a different case for people who are learning to code and when it comes to styling their own portfolio and their projects, there is no guidance and directions to help them and this is not just in FCC (despite there is a curriculum called applied visual design) but in any other learning platform for web development.

I am glad to hear that I have been able to help you, thank you for your kind words! :blush:

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Oh my goodness…You have honestly made my day! I cannot express my gratitude any more than I can so, thank you so much for your lovely kind words. :blush:

I am also very happy to hear that I have helped you out as much I could, but more importantly, the fact you now feel proud of your code is the best thing to hear.

A BIG well done for making progress on your journey and I am sure you will go all the way to be a very successful web developer :slight_smile: When you have finish building your tribute page and post to the forum, I shall be there waiting. If I happen to not be around, please message me as I will want to see it :smiley:

The way you wrote the first paragraph should be your signature quote. What you have said does make a very interesting point and it is actually true (I admit that even I didn’t think of it like this before you mention it), but the way you put it is original.

Also, again you are right that it is a form of art because not everybody problem-solves the same way. Every developer creates the lines of code differently, but the outcome or output is the same :thinking:

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Excuse me for being a bit slow here.

I have received an email a while ago from Medium saying something paying $5 a month (I think if it the correct number) I didn’t pay attention to the email. (I know, silly of me).

So those who write articles, they now have to pay that $5 a month in order to publish an article, am I correct??

Medium paywalls the content by limiting the number of free articles anyone can read per month. Then it’s $5/month for unlimited I guess. So you might put your article up for everyone to read for free, but Medium will still paywall your content anyway.

That’s why FCC hosts its own blog now, integrating the discussion right into these here forums.


No, sorry, I don’t recall.

Hi, I just thought it would be useful if you could maintain a list of all your articles somewhere (maybe in the intro article) to keep track of them within the whole discussion …

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I will surely join this thread!
I was thinking we could make a few branches off of this one like Collaborations, Coding questions, and random things about web dev.

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Hi, I thank you very much for your posts and I do think that this is actually the perfect place where to learn (at least) the fundamentals of web design.
I do hope that FCC will seriously consider adding it to the curriculum, both because it helps learning this notions while learning the front end and because many people here want to be a freelancer.
And as a freelancer, the fundamentals of web design are extremely important (when you are selling something, a good presentation is what makes people drawn to your product rather than turn it down before even having evaluated it).
I’ll be gladly looking for your posts :smiley:
Thank you very much for your hard work!

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OK, no problems at all.

Yeah. I wonder why. nothing wrong with that.

Thank you very much for clarifying this, it is now understood. It is a complete understood. It is a complete shame it has come to this point and I really like Medium, but it is understandable why FCC has pulled out too.

Also, thank you for this informing us as now I will be doing some research to find a new blogging home :slight_smile:

I agree with you. Every time I post a new topic I will add the link here in this intro topic and in order so it is like a table content page. Thank you for that suggestion :slight_smile:

BTW, is this thread only for front-end stuff? If not, I would like to ask something about Java :wink:

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