The checker is probably not functioning right

I am currently doing the “Personal Portfolio” project. I have 9 out of the 12 required criterias. It shows that I don’t have a link in my navbar that I can use to navigate to different places in the page. However, I do have the link and it is working. How do I overcome this problem?

Here is the link to my project:

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi @indrayudhdatta!

The link you provided is to an empty page.

Remember to save your work after you fork the pen.

Oh yes, Done. I have posted the correct link this time. Thank you.

It looks like you fixed the navlink issue.

The only two tests left are the media query and the welcome section height.

It appears so, but I definitely didn’t do anything deliberately to fix it. I still don’t know why it wasn’t working. That bugs me. Thank you for your time.

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