The Glitch part of this course doesn't seem to work for me

Here’s my code, it seems to have a valid “author field” but FFC says it doesn’t.

Here’s the Share link

@OscarLawton: Did you clone the original Glitch project from the freeCodeCamp instructions? What I believe is happening is you have set up a .json file, but there is no server to receive requests.

So even though your JSON is valid, the browser just gets hung-up trying to load and never getting a response.

Here is the original boilerplate for you to clone:

thanks Adam, how do I clone?

If you click on the section that says ‘Start this project on Glitch using this link’ it should create a new project for you.

also the link to the npm boilerplate seem to just take me to my glitch home page, there’s no code there

Yes that’s correct, that works, it creates a new project for me.

I then put in the author field. Then I click on the share link, there’s three sub options, “Project page”, “Live App” and “Code”.

The first options says “package.json should have a valid “author” key”.

The second option a timeout occurs.

And the third option says the same as the first.

There doesn’t seem to be any code in my server.js file. Is this the problem?

Hmm, I know sometimes Glitch is a bit funky sometimes and doesn’t clone the project properly.

I just cloned a new project from the boilerplate and it looks like this:!/level-reaction

Feel free to Remix it; this copies the project and lets you edit it.

When you submit the link to fCC testing, the link should be something like this:

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the first link gives a page not found

could try to post the first link again

Weird, it did something strange when I pasted it. Is this one working:!/level-reaction

yes that’s working!

So was the problem to do with my server.js file?

The 2 main differences between the boilerplate and your app:

-Without the content in the server.js file, it doesn’t know what to do. When you try to load the page there is no response, so the browser is left hanging.

-Without an index file, there is no page to load and I “think” the fCC testing unit needs that to determine if the page is passing tests. (I’m not 100% sure on this part.)

-There are also some differences in the package.json file. I’m not sure what’s required, so best just to use the ones they supply.

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how come ffc didn’t give a glitch app that worked apart from the “author field” of course?

It seems like it throws people way in the deep end

did they go over index file and server.js earlier in the course and I missed it?

I’m sorry, I think I gave the wrong impression!

It’s actually Glitch that is causing the ‘glitch’. Sometimes when you try to clone from their website, it doesn’t clone properly. I’ve had it happen a couple times too, where it gave me a blank project.

The boilerplate link from the fCC has all of the materials. The “level-reaction” project I just created by clicking on the fCC link.

I found this unit kindof confusing when I did it too… up till this point it’s been HTML, CSS, JS, all front-end work. Then when they give you a server to manage, it’s a bit of a challenge.

I don’t know, Glitch hasn’t given me a boilerplate with the a working server.js file. It usually says something about “run refresh in the console”.

I don’t know, but thanks for all your help and sorting this all out, thank you