The hardest thing about the front end intermediate challenges?

I’m working on the Wikipedia viewer and you know what has surprised me the most from these intermediate front end challenges?

The hardest thing without doubt is CSS!! :smile:

That’s my rather long way of saying, can anyone recommend any CSS and in particular Flexbox learning material to complement the earlier FreeCodeCamp CSS stuff?


Personally I like learning things using cheat sheets. When I used flexbox for the first time recently I used this “The Ultimate Flexbox Cheat Sheet” site.

This flexbox video I think was recommended somewhere in these forums so I saved the link. I have not tried it though…

I also saved this w3schools flexbox link since it looked good

Oh yeah this css animation course helped me A LOT in using the more advanced animation stuff. In case you don’t know you can get a free pluralsight account from microsoft’s visual studio dev’s essentials


Thanks @DuskyPixel, will check these out.

Flexbox challenges are being added to the curriculum very soon, just so you know!

Good to know, thanks for the heads up.