The Hint button is back! Now we need your help adding hints to the Guide articles

By popular request, the “Get a Hint” button - is back!

But we’re still missing Guide articles for a lot of the challenges - especially the early HTML challenges.

We are looking for a few volunteers who can go through and add hints and solutions to these guide article “stubs” that correspond with each of these challenges.

You will get plenty of practice working with Markdown. You will also GitHub credit for your open source contributions. And most importantly, you’ll help the thousands of people who click the “get a hint” button each hour. :slight_smile:

Who’s interested in helping with these?

Here’s a primer to contributing to the freeCodeCamp Guide.


I’m interested in doing some of these :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! I am interested and super excited for it. How do I get started?

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Hi, I would be interested too…

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Count me in if still in need!

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Congratulations on getting a pull request merged to the freeCodeCamp Guide! Keep it up!

@anku255 @anon38736429 @Layer - if the three of you are still interested in helping contribute articles to the freeCodeCamp Guide, @hanny has proven to be quite effective at this.

Again, here’s the contributing guide for your reference:

We have hundreds of freeCodeCamp challenges that still don’t have corresponding guide articles, and could really use your help!