Contributing to the hints page on challenges

It seems the repository where the hints originate from is read-only now? I tried submitting a pull request and it looks like it got lost?

Is there a different area to submit changes to the hints or are they not supported anymore?


I guess this is the new link

A lot of the stubs on some challenges link you to the old repository. This can be really confusing for some people looking to contribute and haven’t before (like myself).

The current repo where you can make changes is located here. Keep in mind you will need to fork the repo and create pull requests against it. Also, if the pull request is merged, it will not show up on the production site until the master branch is deployed to production. Currently, the last time such a deployment took place was October 2018, but we are hoping the next deployment will take place in the near future.

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Thank you for the information Randall. May I ask why it takes so long for the master branch to be pushed to production?

They switched to a mono repo which combined 3 repos and they are still working out a few bugs before it can be deployed.

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