Submitting a pull request for one of the hints pages

I’m new to contributing to open source and was looking for some help if anybody has time.

So I’m currently completing the MongoDB and Mongoose - Install and Set Up Mongoose section and I had an issue. It was that I was using the previous boilerplate from the Basic Node and Express modules so every time I would submit the answer to the first lesson ( Install and Set Up Mongoose) It would fail. It took a long time to figure this out and I wanted to put a note in the hint link connected to the lesson.

Could someone please walk me through the process? I tried to look on Github but couldn’t find the items in any of the repositories.

The repos are currently undergoing a significant restructure. It would be best to wait until the new version of the repo gets pushed out. Once this is done, contributing will be easier.

Keep an eye on the forum for details.