Looking for contributors to help review and merge pull-requests

Hey All,

We are looking for contributors to help review and merge PRs, especially the curriculum. If this is something that interests you, please let us know (either in comments below or over a DM, etc.)

The idea of reviewing (the curriculum) is simple:

  • help improve the curriculum verbiage by looking at changes in PRs.
  • ensure timely response to fellow contributors making such PRs.
  • ensure that nothing else (like tests, etc.) is broken while accepting changes.

Here is our full guide: https://contribute.freecodecamp.org/#/moderator-handbook?id=moderating-github

We would love to have you onboard as one of the maintainers of the freeCodeCamp curriculum.

Cheers & happy contributing!

I am happy to help with Closing an invalid pull request: , Duplicate and small typo PR requests to less the load on the `dev-team.

Edit: looking at the Pull Requests, I think I am responsible for 25% of the pull requests. :sweat_smile::rofl: sorry about that

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Thanks for letting us know and for your interest. You have been very helpful with all your PRs and we are incredibly grateful for helping the community.

We will reach out to you hopefully by next week.

Thanks again & happy coding!

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I’ll check out the repo! I’ve actually been wondering how to do this, because I want to help any way I can if i can. I’ll check out the guide once i’m done cleaning my own repo

Hello, I would be interested in helping out as well! Sounds like a great way to contribute to the community while learning at the same time.

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