My first PR and a Medium article on the same

A few backs ago I got a PR merged in the guides repo of freeCodeCamp and would recommend any of you who are well versed with any topic related to Computer Science to contribute and make freeCodeCamp the best guide platform.
Here’s the article on Medium How I got my first PR merged.

Here’s the link to the awesome guides section.


I’m here to figure out what PR means (I thought it meant Public Relations)

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Pull request… on Github :slightly_smiling_face:

ETA: I just read the article, so I guess you did too and found your answer anyway lol Great article btw @invinciblycool … I can understand your elation… Im so nervous about making my own first PR so hopefully I will soon be able to find something I can actually contribute to. Fingers crossed for you that it gets approved!!!


Thank you very much and good luck.