The link sendt for the task is not really understood

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i dont understand what [] at all
why not just send a github link that can be easily forked

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Challenge: Demographic Data Analyzer

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You can fork the repl just like a GitHub repo. Repl provides both a code repository and an interactive environment to run the code. Ono big benefit of repl is that users do not have to install the full development environment on their computers.

Meaning I will really have to study how it work

If you know how to use GitHub and how to set up a full local development environment for Python, then you’ll be able to use Repl. Repl is really just a code repository (like GitHub) + an interactive environment to edit and run your code (like whatever editor and terminal/environment/whatnot you use locally).

Repl has reasonably good documentation and a lot of good results when you reach for solutions to technical issues on Google. And you can always ask questions here on the forum.

You can get the github repo from the link. This is the link in the challenge you posted:

The github link to the repository will be:

You just remove from the url and change github to

For these projects, I actually develop locally using a fork from github. When I’m finished, I then make sure I’m signed into and create my repl for the project using a link like the one provided. For example