The Meaning of Colour

I’ve always been intrigued by colour and how various brands utilise differing colour choices to convey brand messages etc. (Blue in Twitter, LinkedIn & FB logos suggesting trustworthiness, reds in Pinterest, Coca Cola to suggest action and energy et al).

Another aspect of this is how the meaning of colours vary by culture. Did you know that while white is the colour of luxury and marriage in Western cultures, it is actually the colour of mourning in China?!

I stumbled across a site entitled “information is beautiful”, which has a colorwheel that links the different colour schemes to varying feelings and emotions. I thought that this might be useful for the community when designing websites; to pick a few major cultures/countries that you intend to reach with designs. It might prove useful to ensure you’re avoiding unintended colour associations for that culture.



I’m surprised they missed Royal blue!

The rest of the site has some great graphics. :+1:

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