The new python courses

Hi freecodecamp admin/Quincy,

I really loved how you built the first part (html, css, js) part of this awesome website. The way to learn by doing was supremely demonstrated by your platform.

The new python courses however…with the video and multiple choice…does not leave any room for me to learn by coding…
is there any way you guys can make the new python material like the (html, css, js) stuff?


The dev team are exploring some options for this, but at the moment I’m not aware of any final decisions. Additionally, I believe the priority is still to complete and deploy the full v7 project-based curriculum. :slight_smile:

OK great.
…what does “full v7 project-based” mean?

v7 means Version 7. The plan is to transition away from the individual lessons, and instead use larger projects divided into small tests - so that the curriculum walks you through building the project and you can see how everything ties together.

I recommend checking out Quincy’s forum post regarding the planned new curriculum for a more in-depth explanation. :smiley: