Why video tutorials for python?


I wonder why FCC chose video lectures for python curriculum, why they didn’t use the same way as web development material, a small paragraph and then a place to submit your code and get evaluated real time, I think it is much better.

It’s still under development

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Hello there,

The Python curriculum is not complete yet. What you see now is a pre-release of the final push to complete version 7.0 of the curriculum. Read more here:

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Thank you for the replay, it has been more than a year now, do you know a place when I can track their progress of the v7 project?

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I totally agree with you, the way the Web Development is taught is much better. However, I believe it would take quite a bit of time to prepare and test to see if everything works well.

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the Python curriculum was released like last month, they are progressing - how long it will need depends on how many volunteers are available to work on stuff

you can read here on how to contribute to the curriculum expansion:

(the general contributing docs can be found here: https://contribute.freecodecamp.org/ )

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