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I’m facing the Choropleth challenge (link), but it requires knowledge that I don’t have.

I don’t want to slavishly copy the code written by others, I need to understand things.

But the various tutorials on D3 are complicated, or dispersive, or refer to antiquated versions of the library, which, in the succession of versions, does not support backwards compatibility, so each site says different and incompatible things, and you have always the feeling of wasting time.

The question I ask is: can you tell me an online resource from which I can learn the necessary knowledge to develop a choropletic map with two data sources (one for the design of the map and one for the levels of education)?

I don’t want to know any link, but the source you feel you can recommend for simplicity of exposure, compactness, completeness, organicity and update to the latest stable version of D3.

Or: when you drew your first choropleth map with D3, which source did you refer to?

Imo the best guy that teaches d3:

Also, fcc has recently uploaded a whole d3 course by him:

Those videos are very cool, and you were very kind to point them out.

But my knowledge of English does not allow me to take a spoken lesson.

I need written information.

have you seen the documentation?

Of course I’ve seen the documentation. But the documentation is gigantic, dispersive, with infinite notions not linked to each other, devoid of organicity. There isn’t (or at least it seems to me there isn’t) a “solid line” to learn the concepts of D3 from start to finish. The tutorial page is explicitly outdated and points to a section of observablehq, but a specific lesson would be needed just to understand how that site works.

I’ve seen a lot of people have had the same problem with that challenge as me: they ask to do a choropleth map but there are no FCC lessons to do that. The map must be run with json files which requires a particular type of approach (‘topojson’) but this is not mentioned in any specification of the problem.

It seems to me that this behavior forces people to solve the problem by copying the code without understanding the meaning of that same code.

Thank you for helping make FCC better. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

??? Are you a bot or a real person?

Hi @SergioSpina !

I feel like you have a couple of options.

Use closed captioning for the videos that @sitek94 mentioned.
In the youtube settings you can choose your language for subtitles.
It is not a perfect solution but the videos are really good so it is worth trying out.

Looking into some medium articles and translating that into your preferred language.

Good luck!

Thank you for your answer, I will treasure your suggestions.

But the question I asked is precisely: "can you tell me an online resource from which I can learn the necessary knowledge to develop a choropletic map with two data sources (one for the design of the map and one for the levels of education) ? "

It seems to me that the question is clear, understandable and relevant to the subject of this forum.

But if in this forum you find it annoying that someone asks questions, just say it and so every time one have difficulty he can look for another place to compare ideas.

No one said we were annoyed by your post.
You asked for people’s personal opinion on sources that

Honestly, I think your best bet is to try the video, which is why I recommended you at least try it with closed caption.

If you try it and hate it with closed captioning, then you can continue to search for other resources.

You could also ask in d3 communities like this one for other suggestions.

Everyone here is genuinely trying to help you.

maybe it doesn’t exist, and if you feel that the freeCodeCamp project doesn’t match with the curriculum or available resources you can open an issue on GitHub and it can be discussed

the 17 hours one will never have CC, also anything above 2-3 hours doesn’t have CC - and YouTube has removed in September the community contributions to CC so I understand why that may not work

I am getting closed captioning here though

So maybe youtube changed again :grinning:

Yup, captions are working in my location too.

you are right, maybe they have updated the auto-captioning to work with longer videos, it’s not the best for learning tho… auto-translation is also maybe not the best

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Yeah I agree it is not the best solution but it is better than nothing :grinning:


Do you think that the challenge of the choropletic map can be faced with just the lessons of fCC?

How did you face that challenge?

In addition to the videos that I posted before I also used the following resources:

  • and observable - to consult existing projects and find out how something is done in practice
  • d3 docs - to check implementation details, for example what arguments given function accepts and what it does
  • vizhub - really cool platform to play around and experiment with d3
  • goooooogle - when I had no idea why something doesn’t work :smiley:
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I have not yet done that challenge