Where can I find information to finish choropleth map proyect?

Hi , Im trying to do the choropleth proyect and I ve not been able to find any useful information that could help me finish it. Could anyone that already finished it share some resources where they were able to find what to do with the json urls? I wouldnt want to simple look at the already written source code of the finished proyect codepen and just copy it.


Hi !

I am currently working on this project as well. I have been searching through the forums to find answers. The course does a poor job of preparing us for this project. People have complained about it for quite a while now but the course has not been updated. Most people who have completed this project have either found other tutorials or have ‘reverse engineered’ the example code.

I found this prior post which may be helpful as it distills the portion of the example code that actually draws the map:

This project should either be removed from the course or the course should be updated to include this portion of D3.


I ended up skipping the project , and started with the next module. Found some information on d3.js documentation for the main method that takes the jsons and converts them into unique paths but it was still poorly explained. Didnt found anything useful in completing the project, it would be nice that they could at least try to provide some info before.