The style sheet is not reflecting

I have created this small file with HTML and style within the HTML sheet . The styles are not reflecting If i do it inline it is working.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
  p{color:red; background-color:blue;}


            border-color: red;
            border-width: 15px;
            border-style: solid; }


<script src="C://Users//Karuna//Desktop//getValue.js"></script>
         <p style="color:red;">New Text here</p>
         <div ><input type="text" id="Mine" class="textbox"></div>
         <div><button type=button id="btn">Hi There</button></div>       

Your browser information:

Google Chrome

Version 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)


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Your head element should not contain your body/main HTML.

Hope this helps

You have an unexpected character below your style tag and like @Sky020 said your head element should not contain your body (or) main HTML.

You do not need that set of curly braces around your css in the styles element.

You also should not be wrapping everything in head which is reserved for metadata.

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