The Ultimate List of JavaScript Tutorials, Books, and Other Learning Resources

Aside from freeCodeCamp’s free JavaScript curriculum, and in-depth YouTube tutorials like this full 3 hour JavaScript course, there are a lot of other ways to learn JavaScript.




Video Tutorials

Desktop Editors

Visual Studio Code includes built-in support for IntelliSense code completion, rich semantic code understanding and navigation, and code refactoring. It comes with a built-in debugger and git support and has a plethora of extensions.

<a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Visual Studio Code Insiders</a>

Insiders has the most recent code pushes and may lead to the occasional broken build. New builds at least everyday with features, bug fixes, and other recently closed issues. Insiders installs next to the Stable build, allowing you to use either independently.
  • WebStormA full-feature IDE for JavaScript, including code completion and support for live linting, version control, and testing. Made by JetBrains and modelled after their IntelliJ Java IDE.
  • BracketsA text editor made with web designers and front-end developers in mind. Features include: inline editing, live preview, and preprocessor support.
  • AtomAtom is an open source text editor made by GitHub. It features embedded Git Control and numerous customization options.
  • BracketsLightweight text editor featuring inline editors, live previews, and allows you to quick edit and live highlight with your LESS and SCSS files.
  • Sublime Text Sublime Text is a cross-platform editor featuring a Python API. Free to download and evaluate, but requires a license for continued use.A cross-platform editor with a Python API. It features many shortcuts, key bindings and visual customization.

Online Editors

Coding Challenges and Exercises

Interview Preparation



Free JavaScript Books


Hey @Rafase282

Any recommendations on what would be the first one to start with?

I’m on Intermmediate/Advanced algorithms in FCC map but I have the feeling I’m missing something important, so something I could follow along and not use solely as reference, specially if I can take it offline, would be extremely helpful.

For example I have a very nice book I’m learning C# from (Head First ). Do you know of a similar resource like these?

Thanks for all your recommendations and for the work and passion you put into the FCC project :blush:

I personally haven’t read any JavaScript books yet. However, if you want books then is one I see people recommend often.


Thanks, will look into it! :slight_smile:

I’ve just started reading JavaScript Enlightment and it’s really good.

Plus its a free ebook => check it out here.

If one is really interested in learning javascript can refer the following websites.These sites are almost sufficient to learn javascript alongwith coding part. Also can refer online books.

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Adding javascript30 to the list, a series of 30 mini-projects /exercises /tip sessions by Wes Bos, full of interesting things. Maybe not for the total newbie ? Free, with starter files if necessary. Very different things.


A good book I can recommend for (absolute) beginners who want a more thorough introduction is ‘Head First JavaScript’. They take on a more guided approach, that is you are taken by the hand and never left alone. It costs a bug, but I think it’s a good investment though. I have the ebook version and happy with it, altough it has it’s lengths sometimes. If you already know a bit about JS you can just skip the respective chapters without worries or skim through them as a refresher if you aren’t too bored.

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I’ve got the ‘Head First Java’ soft cover … Thx for the tip!

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This sound good! Already bookmarked it. Thank you!!

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