The Word On The Streets!

This topic came up in another thread, Completion of 100% course at freecodecamp, and in that thread this quote arose. [quote=“bonham000, post:2, topic:9992”]
Word on the street is that no one has completed the full curriculum yet.

So, I figured, I would start a new thread on this quote.

Why hasn’t anyone finished the FCC curriculum yet?

  • Is it because…

  • Its to difficult to learn.

  • campers just fell off track.

  • campers just lost interest.

  • they found a job opportunity

  • Or maybe, it’s all the above, or none.

Personally, I don’t know, but I do want to know why! Probably, other campers would like to know, as well. I like the word on the streets.

Feel free to share articles, posts, etc…

I’m pretty sure I see every month on the FCC Summit Live Stream at least someone presenting their non-profit projects in which they team up with another person who’s already completed the curriculum.

It’s a small number but I’m sure people have actually completed the curriculum.

Some people drop out after they get a job or get frustrated at something.

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I’m going to do some research on this.

Technically, you have to complete 4 non-profit projects to earn the final cert. There have certainly been people that have worked on non-profit projects, but I don’t think anyone has still earned that final cert.

Quincy mentioned a while back on a podcast or two that many people go on to find jobs before finishing, so that would account for the successful students that don’t complete.

There is also a pretty high churn rate of people that find it too hard or not quite the right time for them to commit - which makes sense, since anyone can start for free, but it takes determination and drive to complete any of the certificates.

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