Thinking about creating a website

Guys, I’m thinking about creating my own website. I don’t know what my website would be about, but I’m leaning towards about myself and my three disabilities.

Got any advice for me on how to tackle this experience?

Well you can do easy way like CMS, Wordpress,e107,Joomla, etc that just need an install and you no need any experience to made it.

Have an another way from scratch that can be more not general as is not a pre definied like in frameworks all looks same about style of page forms etc.

Wish you good luck! :slight_smile:

Can I create a website using Notepad? Or do I need to install something to make it happen?

First of all. All front end things is copy able like you can see the view source and save and edit it in any editor. Take a look at editor is make highlight for code to better look. Another thing is that no one will create a website from scratch totally as that is so blank in first time so you need to know a lot of things before you can do that. Like from a pepole who use CMSs that never will know what happen on websites because that pepole just can click on settings and know never about it. See LIVE PREVIEW to understand things and all of that. Pepole who do website from scratch that not a beginer. Of course all pepole can do website as is about text and content but you know that not so much professional.

I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks!

And as text editor, I’ll be using Visual Studio Code. I just have to think of what content I’d like to create.

As you wish that is also fine I just was lazy to write that long text. VSC :smiley: Good luck!

Yeah, I can be lazy as well, so I know the feeling. Thanks.