Tools needed to start a Web Site Design Business

I have been wondering, outside of using the FreeCodeCamp sandbox for building sites, what other kinds of software or sites should I use to build sites. I would really like to start a business in this someday, but I am confused as to what online or offline software tools I should buy.

Thanks so much for the help!


editor (notepad, textpad, sublime, atom etc)
browser (whatever is loaded on your computer)

and that is it … that’s all … literally and figuratively …nothing else is required …

you can get everything else (images, code, etc) from the web … for FREE …

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this video will get you started with setting up those tools I listed -

by Stephen Mayeux, a fellow FCC camper, GREAT GUY …

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Thanks so much man! I super appreciate your help on this. I will definitely watch this video that you hooked me up with.

God Bless, my friend!

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Go for atom editor that is good…You can develop cross platform application, even helps you to develop desktop application using html, css, js etc.


Thanks so much for this killer information. I really appreciate it.

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Hi @elmo033057,

I think the answers provided were a bit “light” if you plan to make a business of it.

If you want to create a static website, then “Yes” i would agree that a good editor + a good hosting env is all you need (i am now using VisualStudioCode for my projects and so far i have been liking it very much… recommend it!). I have used many editors in the past and honestly unless they are “really cr**” they will get the job done fine! (in my 9-to-5 I use notepadd++ and its fine for Java, C++, KSH, SQL).

If you want to create a “Web Application” and get all of that acquired JS knowledge to use then you are going to need “much much more”…

“What other kinds of software or sites should I use to build sites”

In my opinion it really depends on what you want/need in your site. Below is a quick list with a couple of examples focusing only on the tech-stack of FreeCodeCamp (MEAN-ish):

#What is the “business model” and how do you plan to monetize the app?

  • Adds: Google Adwords (tried this many years ago for Android apps i created, was OK at the time)
  • Payments: Stripe (no point in trying anything else… their API is very nice and commissions are pretty much standard)

#Where will the site be hosted? (ex: AWS, Azure, GoogleCloud, etc)

  • You need to decide based on the TechStack where to host the site. I recommend a PAAS service to allow you to focus on the functionality of your site and not the maintenance of it. (Personally I prefer AWS)

Hint: choose any of the “big 3” and take advantage of their massive CDN. Use it to store all of your static assets (massive perf boost).

Take a look at:

I have my personal website hosted in AWS ( … really old version done in about 1h, I need to clean it up :S ) for $0.60 / month (static only, currently NodeJS in ElasticBeanstalk but plan to move it back to S3 + CloudFront this weekend).

#Use Gulp (or Grunt)

I am still learning how to use it fully but the deployment/minification/etc it does without me loosing 1s is going to save you a loooot of time in deployments/bugs etc. That alone would be worth it, but with minimization along with a good CDN will make major perf improvements to your site.

You can check the last app i did for FCC where i listed all of the tech-stack i used to create it:

I am not sure exactly what you plan to do (I may have gone a bit “off-topic”, sorry about that), but In my case I spend 5m worrying about the “editor / PC / setup” I use to code and spend hours just thinking “how am I going to store an image the user uploads?” or “what kind of routing should I implement”.

Good luck

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Thanks so very much for your advice. Some of that was well over my head, but I did understand some of it. I’ve built sites before years ago, but I used HTML and Dreamweaver. I’ve been coding everyday but I’ve been taking it slow trying to remember most of what I’ve been learning. I use the editor on FreeCodeCamp to practice building code from scratch.

Anyway, I’ve got a long way to go and a million questions, so you’ll see me on here quite often.

Once again, Sergio, thanks so much for your help and advice.

God Bless,

No problem… glad to be of help.

Web dev has changed a lot since the “Dreamweaver times”… in my opinion for the better.

You have a lot of work ahead of you but I think FCC is a good fit for you since it has the tools and the people necessary to “get you up-to-speed” on the “new” Web dev :slight_smile:

Good luck
happy coding