What software and tools do I need on my PC as a beginner in coding?

<h1> I need all the suggestions you can give me </h1>
I want to know the tools and software that I need to have on my computer as a newbie in coding. I enrolled on freecodecamp and I am taking the courses. Thank you

this depends on which industry would you like to go if you follow free code camp from start to end you will not need to install lots of tools just now you can start with simple code editor and browser:
visual studio code : https://code.visualstudio.com/
you probably have a browser I guess that’s it you can complete almost 5 sections with just these tool I would recommend doing stuff in fcc after those section as the setup is complex if you need help just email me out: prince13sp9@gmail.com
happy coding and good luck for your future

Honestly, just a browser.

Thank you, I will definitely contact you