Development environment

Hello I’m starting to learn web development and have started the first course responsive web design.

I was just wondering does freecodecamp help set up a dev environment on my own pc? Or is this something I have to look up and research, I already have VS Code downloaded and if freecodecamp helps that’s great if not has anyone got any good video tutorials or walkthroughs that would help set up a good environment?

Connor :slight_smile:

Welcome there,

I am not too sure what you mean by this. The main curriculum platform offers an in-browser editor to get started quickly - you are not required to use locally installed tools. If you want to use other tools, you are best looking at their official docs.

Specifically, for VSCode, you might benefit from these tutorials:

If you are just interested in HTML/CSS development, VSCode as it comes and an up-to-date browser is more than you need.

Hope this helps

You don’t need to set up anything special for freeCodeCamp itself - everything can be done online.

More generally speaking, no. freeCodeCamp doesn’t include material on setting up a development environment. There isn’t a right way to do it and it all comes down to personal preference for tools and resources. I believe that there are some freeCodeCamp news articles that will give advice on setting up particular tools that are popular (like the zsh terminal emulator or WSL subsystem, for example).

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