Development Enviroment

Hello all,

I’m starting out on freeCodeCamp. I would like to setup up a development environment on my laptop.

Can anybody recommend any step by step guides/tutorial they could share with me to help me out.

Regards Lee

This article will show you how to make an html file and view it live in your browser.

For a text editor, you can use Visual Studio Code:

I don't think there's much more to say, just make the HTML and CSS files on your computer and open them up in your browser. Try to keep your projects organized in folders.
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Isaac mentions one option. I use Atom on my laptop and am loving it. I started with Windows but have switched to Ubuntu and it is even better.

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Intresting. I tried dual-booted Windows and ubuntu a while back. If all you’re doing is web development, than linux is definitely better, but I’ve decided to just stick with Windows. It runs games better and also supports other software like Photoshop and Skype. Plus, Windows 10 can run an ubuntu subsystem so you can run all the ubuntu commands (like apt-get, ssh, and curl) in a terminal, or if your computer is powerful enough, you can run ubuntu in a virtual machine. Setting up Windows can be a pain, but I think it’s a little better for all-purpose users especially if you can run it on an SSD.

Plus, ubuntu is a pain with Nvidia graphics cards.

You didn’t mention what kind of laptop you have.

There was an FCC blog post about this recently. for OSX.

Yeah, I can’t dump Windows entirely on my DT because I need Word/Excel (LibreOffice is good but not 100% compatible) and a few music programs that don’t run on Linux (even in Wine).

So I am dual boot on the DT and full Ubuntu on the laptop. I love it. It’s faster and locks up less often. And I get to use all those commands in actual Linux instead of through a shell. But the main thing is that it’s faster and less glitchy.

If you are taking the first steps, a full featured IDE like Visual Studio Code might be a bit much. Notepad++ is not a bad place to start. Or perhaps Brackets.

So nothing needed to be installed for javascript, Jquery.

If that’s the case I use lightweight VisualStudio or brackets(as long as there free).

I have a work laptop which is windows 10. I looking at buying a laptop, my guess is I should use what I’m most comfortable with, rather than learning a new OS like ubuntu.

If you are doing the front-end challenges and projects, that is mostly correct. In your websites, you will be linking to your scripts with <script> tags, and your browser will run the JavaScript. If you are doing the SPA or back-end challenges where you need to run JavaScript outside of the browser, you will need to install Node. I wouldn’t worry about this now if you are just starting, as it will become obvious once you need to install it.

Any free text editor is fine.

IMO, I don’t think learning linux will help you that much when you’re starting out. The benefits really come when you get to the back-end section and are running and deploying servers. You can do everything you need to on your work laptop as it is for your current level.