What tools do I need?

So what tools will I need for this free code camp. are there free tools I can use to practice the skills right now. I am just barely starting working through html/html5 stuff and I know that there are the 5 projects before you get the certificate but I want more practice but as of yet I don’t know where I would go or what to use to practice on my own out side of fcc assignments.

You only need an internet connection. If you’ve gotten to the projects, you’ve been shown CodePen. That’s a perfectly good place to practice building projects on your own.

thank you I am not quite to the projects yet so I guess I jumped the gun. I just practicing the html stuff and I know I am going to struggle to get this html down. I am glad I will be shown once I get the projects where to go to make more on my own.

codepen.io and jsbin.com are a couple popular, free platforms for playing with html. There are a lot of tools like this, but there’s a couple for you to play with.

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Oh thank you I am going to add a tools to play with page to my one note now thank you