Third Project (To-Do-List)

Hi, This is my latest project that I have been working on. This is my first time using JavaScript on a project. So let me know if there any error.

Here is the link:



Wow it looks good. I think it might be nice to add the ability to modify existing tasks. Other then that, I didn’t notice any errors when testing it out.

Nice work!

Something I noticed that you may want to look into, the form seems to exhibit unexpected behavior as follows: when you click to focus in the input field then hit enter the page seems to reload. Expected behavior would be for it to do nothing if input field is empty or to add the item if input field had something typed into it.

Things you could think about adding:

  • Add check to ensure an empty item isn’t added to the list (if user clicks Add without typing in an item).
  • Maybe add a check to disallow duplicate items.
  • After add is clicked, clear the previous value from the input field and set focus to the input box for easier adding of items.

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks, I will work on this feedback