This is my tribute page for zlatan

Hi this is my tribute page, I started coding 1 week ago so i hope im not to bad at this. Please see my page and tell me if you can see improvement or if you guys just want to help me in some sort of way(You probably will find somethings you can correct me in!)

anyways is my coding/page good for just coding 1 week or is it bad? I want your honest feedback :smiley:


@pcavar This is a great start! Some thoughts:

  • Why did you decide to use SASS and Javascript for this project? I hadn’t thought about using those for mine, so I’m curious to know how you decided to use it.

  • In not a fan of using inline styles like <center> and <b>. I know the FCC challenges use inline styles up to this point. Here’s a resource to learn more about it, in case you’re curious:

  • Check your colors against this contrast checker so you can pick colors that will make the page more readable for more people:

Keep up the great work!

Love the image and background. I found the text difficult to read - needs more contrast. Overall the design is quite striking I like it. :+1:

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Thank you for the reply, helps me alot! i just wanted to it as simple as possible for me, I used the css but had some problems with the text(making it stand out more) i tried bold but it didnt work for the ul text, any tips and advice on what i could use there? and does somebody know how to put the qoutation text within the image?

thanks for the tips and links, will surely use them in the future:smiley:

many thanks! Peter Cavar

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thanks you so much, I was seriously thinking of giving up because i couldnt get anything to work, but i didnt quite and now im so glad :slight_smile: and im happy you guys find it nice :smiley:

@pcavar Does selecting the li element, instead of the ul element and setting the font-weight to bold help?

i dont se much of a difference, ive saved the changes so you can also check:)

@pcavar As I look this over in more detail, I notice that you have a number of problems. Are you still interested in learning about these problems and trying to solve them?

Click on the gear icon :gear: in the CSS section:

  • Change the CSS Preprocessor from SCSS to None

  • Delete this code from your <body> element in your HTML:

  • Delete this code from your body selector in your CSS:

    background-image: url(;  
    background-size: 100% 100%;
  • Add the following code to your body selector in your CSS:

    background-color: black;
    color: white;

These changes will bring you back to a page with a black background and white text. Now you can work on the rest a little easier.

Let me know when you’ve done this and if you want more help.

Done it and now its easier to read, thanks mate, the more time i code the more i understand the problems! have a nice day my friend and many thanks!:smiley:

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