This Is What I Can Build After Finishing My Front End Certificate

Hi everyone,

I finished my front end certificate 1-2 months ago and decided to learn react and create a portfolio centerpiece project called “Thai Tutor”. As the name suggests, this is a single page application written in React that helps English speakers practice basic Thai.

I would very much appreciate any feedback you can give me as this app is what I intend to showcase to employers. Basically, I want to use it to prove that I am a good javascript programmer. The git repository is linked in the about page if you want to see my code, but even if you are busy or a beginner I’d love to hear what you think as a user. The site is mobile friendly but is a better experienced with larger screens in my opinion. If you want to learn something simple I recommend setting the category to low numbers.

I have a few ideas about how to make this app better such as moving business logic to the server side / a database, but that is not a priority for me at this time.


edit: Hmm, it looks like the stability of some of my audio files is suspect and is causing some bugs…

Jan 9, 2017 edit: Ok I’ve looked into the issues and they should be fixed, please let me know if you find anything acting strange. I also took the chance to expand my apps material.


You’re is very well documented. How’s the job hunt?!

After a few minutes, I’d actually learned a little Thai! (Numbers mostly) But as someone that’s has studied several languages using all kinds of courses and tools I think this is a neat way practice.

One thing I noticed is that the sound would play only once in my browser. If I clicked on the ‘speaker’ icon the audio would not replay. I was using Chrome version 54.0.2840.87 m if that helps.

Haven’t really tried it out yet, but it’s really awesome! It gives me motivation to come up with my own portfolio center piece. How long did this take you on average?

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Hmmm, may I ask what device you are using? Thanks for the feedback!

I would guess that I have something like 50-80 hours invested into this at this point.

A notebook with Windows 10.

Hey I think the issue you were having was related to my audio hosting. Can you give it another go and let me know? Thanks.

I’m still mid way through my certificate so I can’t provide much feedback. I can say I’m impressed though! Nice work, it’s motivating me to keep going!

Pretty sweet, have you found a job yet?

Not really feedback about the web development aspect per se, but this is definitely an approach to language learning I haven’t seen before. I had no idea what I was even doing at first, but eventually it started to click and I was starting to recognize some of the numbers (sip for tens, gao=9, hok=6, sa=4?). This might be because I am familiar with the numbering system in Korean, and so I was able to put it together a bit faster than someone (English-speaking) learning an Asian language for the first time.

That said, the interface was nice and intuitive. Even though I didn’t know the language, it was clear an answer was expected from me and that I should try to make the little face stay happy.

Oh, with the options menu, I did feel a little confused. You suggested changing the category to numbers, so I went there first to do that. I saw the “quick settings” section and clicked “numbers” but then it wasn’t clear to me what happened. Anyway, I just went back to the main screen and saw that it was working, so I went ahead with it. Looking back, I see how it works; the quick setting checks the appropriate boxes for you in the categories section. The problem was that I couldn’t see the whole categories section on my screen. (this might be because my screen is really wide?) I wonder if you could move “categories” up next to the quick settings and move the “Session length” down below that, so the user will see what happens when they click the quick settings. This would also organize the options in a more intuitive way, imo. Hah. That was a lot of writing for a simple suggestion. Sorry.

Great feedback - thanks. A fresh set of eyes can go a long way. I’ve taken your advice and added a popup modal to clarify the quick settings.

The learning style was inspired partially by Duolingo which does not yet include Thai and the learning material is really just stuff I think would be useful to foreigners in Thailand.

Not yet. Actually it hasn’t begun yet for me. I am currently putting together a nice resume and will begin applying in the near future.

Congratulation . How long did it take to finish ?

Maybe 80 hours, basically learning React as I made it.

does front end certificate include
server side programming???
I am just a begineer.
According to the name front end only means client side.
by the way nice web page

Looks great, works great! I got 17% by answering 2 correctly by pure chance.
Nice work!

No, server side programming is included in the Backend part.