This works in VS Code what am I missing?

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I get there is value in the muscle memory of this, but VS Code auto generates this and I have literally copied it from a working html file. I have typed it out manually as the instructions state. Obviously, I am missing something simple. This course is frustrating that it does not provide solutions and it the correct answer is clearly specific despite that there is often multiple correct answers…
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<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Registration Form</title>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">
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Challenge: Step 4

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The hint you receive tells you how to fix the problem.

Does you code work? Yes.

Should it probably be accepted as passing for this step? Probably.

The FCC projects are designed to guide a user down a specific path of development. The path to get there is meant to follow “best practices” without necessarily spelling them out. The hint you are receiving is expecting you to remember from previous steps of the other projects, that self-closing elements need a / at the end.

I will look into modifying the test to accept with or without / at end.

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Looks like the fix was merged a few days ago ( #46706) just hasn’t hit production yet.

Oh, thank you! That makes more sense.

Excellent! I should have checked closed PRs first. Supposedly a build was kicked off early this morning. I will check on its status.