Tic-Tac-Toe Angular App

Hey, this is my first Angular App and I decided to create a simple local multiplayer tic-tac-toe.

What do you think about the functionality and design? I am open to any type of criticism whether it be positive or negative. :smile:

Here is the Live Demo

Feel free to look at my code and comment on my logic or organization or anything!
Here is the GitHub Repository

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I’m not too familiar with angular, but this looks great! The design and animations look very professional.

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You did a perfect job, presentation-wise as well as code structure and organization.
The UI/UX feels smooth. Your change of colors, fonts, design of the game and etc. all feels professional.
The structure of your components also makes sense, even though it seems like you have used Angular CLI schematics but those components are light enough to be part of any separate module so its’a plus to keep them like that. :ok_hand:t4:
The fact that you kept things readable and flat also worths mentioning. When having only one service, one model and a couple of components there’s no need for other folders.

Good job and keep building nice things!

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