Tic Tac Toe -- for you review

Here is my Tic Tac Toe project. Let me know what you think.

…One Project LEFT!!!


You did a great job !! I have nothing constructive to add to it in terms of modifications… I don’t think there is any… Keep up the good work :smile:

wow its really well made and smooth only problem ive noticed is the win box:

its required to be scrolled right to the top to see the win box and click of it which makes sense for it to be at the top but if you had the code up you would be scrolled down.
very good though! keep it up!

Thank you for taking the time to review my work.
…And, for the kind words, of course!:yum:

Except the win box, I think you might need to work on the algorithm of this game, as computer’s move should be smarter. Still, good job!

The first two times i played it did not count my win once i switched from Xs to Os it start count my wins. this happened both time i loaded link in new page.