Tic Tac toe here

Hey guys, I think I finished tic tac toe project

#what happened
I started with the design part and that is the only easy part of this whole journey, the javascript part was so confusing and it took me 3 days to finish and that too with the help of a friend from cohort. I was able to go through the starting few steps like selecting a coin, and then making all the boxes checkable and making the computer to be able to randomly check etc, It was easy until all of this, but later on the next steps were very confusing and weird for me like seeing if 3 things are matching & clearing out all the things once the player wins/loses

Now after every try, I gave up and asked for help in cohort and some one came up with the same code as mine with a little tweaks, and I’m like OMG I tried it in the same way why did it not work with my code… .-. I’m still confused about that “match” part even though i fixed it with the help of friend’s code(it’s just a 4 lined if condition)

later on the next big problem was to reset the whole board & my game was full of so many functions and variables I felt really bad on myself for making things so complex, but the lazy solution got my mind,
I reloaded the website as soon as the result is show :joy:

I will retry this again some time later with minimax algorithm and better ways to change the game’s state.
for now though please check out my project!