Time Calculator keeps Giving error

So I completed my code for Time Calculator project and it works perfectly in Pycharm and other compilers but when I run it in Repl it keeps giving me errors no matter what.

Can someone please see what I am missing ?

My code on repl

The error message is hard to read at first:

- 5:42 PM 
?        -
+ 5:42 PM

First line is your wrong output, second line indicates differences and third line is the expected output.
So your output has an additional space at the end, because you add that always, in case it’s followed by “(the next day)” → so maybe just turn that into " (the next day)" with a space at the beginning :wink:

My god that tiny space gave me 5 errors and 1 hour of my time wasted trying to fix the problem :joy: Thank for helping me out at least now I know to read those hieroglyphics looking error messages

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