Time Tracking and Productivity Tool for Self Taught Developers


I’m a self-taught developer and I was starting my journey as an indie maker using my coding skills to build something useful for me and for other developers too. the first problem I want to solve is increasing productivity and also make coding a habit which will improve my coding skills by practicing on a daily basis.

The idea is a vs code extension that tracks my coding time and displays it on a web app with data point like most productive time of day, a number of coding hours and more. Also, I want to add features like sharing public goals, a leaderboard of most productive developers, a reward system like games to increase productivity.

I built 80% of this project and I want your feedback about the idea and also beta users to try this product

If you want to know what I’m currently working on, you can follow my #12SideProjectsIn3Months on Twitter

Be sure to send a message on Twitter with any questions you have, I’m always happy to help

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Wow cool I wanna use it on my VS code

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Great, I’m very happy to hear . You just follow me on https://twitter.com/iliasHaddad3 which I share my daily progress about the product

Thank you so much,