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I am 31 years old and I strive to be a good developer, I am learning also learning other things as well and I have encountered many problems in my studies, like procrastinating, being less/more productive, tired, unable to focus, lazy and many other things like that and I have found my solutions and I hope, in this thread, my information may help you.

I am no Health professional or a psychologist or diet expert even if the tips I write here are provided with valid sources and some methods might be risky like Vitamin Overdosing or I do not know.

Do your own research, ask your doctors or an professional expert and try to find what works for you.
What works for me might not work for you, because every human is different due to his Biology, psychological State, Fitness, Thoughts, Beliefs, Age, etc.

Prefer to read my sources rather than what I’m writing here.

My memory might be foggy, I might not remember well some things and the sources I provide explain everything in greater detail.

Some Theory First
Whatever we feel, learn, think, believe, perceive, whatever defines us is located on our neurons also known as brain cells

When we need information, our neurons fire up and communicate with eath via electrical signals or chemically. This is why our thoughts change depending on what we experience or whatever goes into our system, for example:

  • Alcohol: makes us numb, overconfident, have cloudy thinking,
  • Coffee, Green Tea: helps us focus and concentrate
  • Exercising: releases hormones and neurotransmitters making us more productive

Source: Brain Facts Book, read pages 5-9, I highly recommend to read the whole book.

Neurons are not wired together, and they communicate with each other wirelessly, the gap between Neurons is called Synapsis

Since freeCodeCamp is Web Develpoment Bootcamp and we are into the IT world. Think Neurons and Synapsis like WiFi. The closer you are to the WiFi, the stronger signal and speed you get.


So how do we help our brains?
The answer is simple: with diet, exercise and learning new things and being social

Diet Tips
I mentioned earlier the Synapsis. Synapsis can be narrowed, making neurons get closer to each other.
Scientists have long found that Omega 3 foods/supplements can help us narrow the gap efficiently because Omega 3 oil adds a special membrane to our neurons making them get closer
If you are willing taking a supplement, prefer to take Cod Liver Oil in Liquid Form and not in capsule.
Make sure that your Supplement has DPA DHA 60-40% Ratio, Additional Vitamins are welcome.
From my personal expirience the best brand for me is: Mollers
Suggested Supplement Intake:
When you start consuming Omega 3, Start with 15 ml (1 Soup Spoon) and after 3 months reduce it 5 ml (1 Teaspoon)


Youtube BBC Videos:

Food Data with Omega 3:

Also this forum section is called Motivation I call Motivation, Dopamine.
Dopamine is a Neurotransmitter.
When a Neurotransmitter is activated in our brains, it activates certain brain pathways (certain brain areas that communicate with each other) and Dopamine is responsible for Learning and the feelings of Motivation, Award and is also used in the bio-synthesis of the Neurotransmitter called Noradrenaline (also known as Norepinephrine) which is responsible for being calm and being able to concentrate.

I have ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (this is what mental experts calls us) and think ADHD as a Different Kind of Brain. Unfortunately I suffer from Low Motivation, Hyperactivity and Restleness and I had to develop methods for facing and solving my problems and I had to learn a bunch of different things to get through.

As I said, in my case, Motivation = Dopamine, my frontal lobe ( the brain area that is located right above the eyes) which is responsible for judgement is wired differently with the rest of the brain, my brain cannot realize that what I do is important and thus my brain does not release the neurochemical/neurotransmitter called Dopamine to get me started or stay motivated this is why the most efficient way of treating ADHD is with Medication with advise from an expert.
However, there are other methods available as well such as exercising and diet.

As I mentioned everything we are, is in our neurons and there are also many types of Neurons
(like for example there are also many programming languages which each is used for different things like Java and Kotlin for Android Apps, Node.JS for Backend Development, Python for Data Science).

  • Microglia Cells are responsible for cleansing dead neurons
  • Glia Cells: makes neurons stay in specific locations (glia = glue)
  • Astrocytes provide nutrients to neurons

Neurotransmitters and hormones are biosynthesized and I order for the biosynthesis to take place we have to provide the appropriate Nutrients and Vitamins

Dopamine for example is biosynthesized from Phenylalanine, tyrosine

Phenylalaline and Tyrosine are Amino Acids or better known as Proteins.
So eating rich protein foods and getting the appropriate Vitamins such as C B6, B12
(especially C) will help you with the production of Dopamine.

Use MyFoodData for Food Information

What happens in your system is this:
You eat a protein rich food such as eggs. Your stomach breaks the food down to nutrients:

  • amino acids (proteins),
  • fatty acids (fats),
  • carbohydrates (sugars, glucose, energy),
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
    and those nutrients are getting transmitted through our blood, for example after exercising we need to consume carbs which are going to be used for energy and muscle recovery, proteins for building muscles

In our heads, we have the blood-brain barrier and not all nutrients pass through and this happens for our protection. Tryptophan and Phenymenaline pass through, Astrocytes capture those nutrients and they biosynthesize them and convert them to neurotransmitters. When the time comes for your studies, Astrocytes release those neurotransmitters and activate your brain pathways.

I also mentioned exercise.
Exercise helps your metabolism and increases your blood flow which in turn help your nutrients travel better and faster and your cells absorbing more nutrients.

Long story short, this is why some days you are more productive than others is because your diet and exercise are affecting your perfomance.

Unfortunately the more we age the harder is to learn new things.
This is because, by the age of 30, our brains have finished their development and they are on their final stage and they no longer generate any neurons and this is especially why you should stick to healthy/good habits, for example if you become an alcoholic, alcohol will do a permanent damage to your brain and is irreversable.

Neuroscientists have found that each day our brains generate around 1400 neurons and in order to keep them alive we have to exercise, learn & try new things (such as brushing your teeth with your other hand)

Other Tips I can give

  • Drink more Tea than Coffee
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Get plenty of rest (at least 8 hours of sleep)
  • Do Pomodoros
  • use Ankidroid
  • be social

Hope I helped.

I also strongly suggest taking this free course from Dr. Barbara Oakley on Coursera: Learning how to learn.
It’s way worth the time.


I have done it as well.
Great course!