Tips for starting my career?


I would like some constructive advice,
I’m stuck! Tips for starting my career!


I would like some constructive advice, I’m self-taught myself as a junior full-stack developer but I have difficulty finding my first job.

To improve further I should be part of a team but I am not yet good enough to pass all the interviews.

Starting an internship is impossible for me because there are no remote ones in Italy.

I also struggle with open-source projects.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has some practical advice without being aggressive :slight_smile:

Hello @colaiera !

Have you read Quincy’s book?
Quincy’s Book - How to Learn to Code & Get a Developer Job

As well, have you checked out the following Coding Interview.

Best wishes with finding your first career position.


Have you asked your interviewers for feedback? They can help shine some light on what they thought you need to improve on. What do you think about your interviews? No one is going to give a perfect interview so look back and see what you think are your weak areas and work on them.

You just gave yourself one point that you can work on. Not only is this going to help your coding skills, working with others, but its good for potential employers to see when they look at you and think about whether you’re a good fit


Getting started in your career as a junior full-stack dev can be tricky, but you’re on the right track with self-teaching. To land that first job, showcase your skills on platforms like GitHub and practice interviews through online resources. Consider creating your own remote internship opportunities by reaching out to startups.

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Landing a tech job is not easy, at least in the current situation where a large number of companies are struggling with profits. I recently gave an interview, and I failed. The recruiter expects a higher skill level. (He did mention that AI can now write beginner level code).
Here are some tips:

  1. Improve your project portfolio.
  2. Let’s say you’ve experienced TypeScript, then you should be at least aware of its basics.
  3. Tell them about how you will help the team to make “x” more efficient using “y.”
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