To-Do List not working?

Hey guys, looking for some help on this little project. When I wrote it in VS Code and opened it in Chrome, it was working, but now on Codepen it doesn’t. Can anyone also tell me why the pencil icon doesn’t collapse the input and how to hide the first “blank” to-do? Thank you!

In CodePen, you don’t need to put “header” part in HTML, and also choose your jquery from “Settings” JavaScript part. Hope it will help.

Ahh, gotcha. I forgot about those weird codepen quirks.

Why doesn’t my Remove function work in Chrome but it works in Codepen?

Your project works correctly for me on Chrome, I can remove the tasks. Were you referring to something else?

The first time you open up the To-Do list, it has a blank To-Do that I gave an ID of “blank”. I used the remove function but it doesn’t work on Chrome when I open it up.

EDIT: Essentially, I just don’t want the blank, useless To-Do to be there.

Got it. Thanks for clarifying. For me the behavior is identical on Codepen and Chrome. I’ll try later on a different browser and let you know.

I mean opening up the project not in Codepen.

Hey. I opened it up in Firefox and it looks fine there. No #blank showing up, just the To-do list and the Add to do sections. You may have to clear that page from your browser and see if it does it. I have a codepen project that game me trouble that way. Cheers.

I appreciate it! Thank you so much.